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Summer is here and the work continues! 

Since our last update, the boys have been BUSY! Played a show with Chipz Enuff and the rest of the Enuff Z'Nuff crew. Always a good time with that bunch. Then it was a fly-in date  in Hollywood in support of Sponge. Damn Vin and the guys still crank it up! 

Last week, new friends were made opening for Resist & Bite in Fresno. If you're not familiar with them, correct that! Great Rock~N~Roll!!

In the midst of all that, the crew has been in the studio recording not 1 but 2 separate EPs. The first to be released in late-Fall 2023 (expect an album release party). 

The guys are working with Kyle @ KF Productions on getting the tracks laid down. The flow in the studio is.... in a nutshell, NATURAL! Ideas flowing and the collaboration of a involved in reaching the vision just flows. Stay tuned for the 1st release, around mid to late August!

Keep checking here for updates and the calendar for more chances to ROCK with TangenT!


The show this week was a little bittersweet. We didn't win the little Battle Of The Bands we were in but some very talented kids did. If you are into the harder metal by bands like Slayer, Metallica, and the like, Exvamon should be on your "Check Them Out" list. Oh and did we mention, not a single member of that band is more than 20 years old!


Last week's show in Clovis was off the hook! Packed house, great response, and "The Kid", nailed it! Michael has been a great addition and the future is looking BRIGHT!


The 2023 show season kicks off this week! Check out the LIVE page for all the details.


TangenT has started 2023 off kicking!! There are already 2 shows announced and conversations with promoters taking place AS I TYPE! Look for more show announcements SOON!
*Get in, and buckle up kids. It's going to be a helluva ride!


TangenT would like to welcome the new time keeper.....
Michael Mcmeans will be in charge of the 1's and the 2's moving forward! This dude has an extensive background in music that shows in his chops. Get ready for the latest version of your newest FAVORITE band....  TangenT


TangenT is currently searching for a committed drummer. Ideal candidates must be professional, reliable, have gig ready gear, know their instument, and be a team player.
If interested please send a Direct Message (via the Social Media links) or email to receive an audition package.



A lot of messages coming in asking where we are. We've been layin a little on the low side workin behind the scenes. Here's a brief rundown...
  1. We've been recording! Haven't decided yet if it will be 2 EPs or if it will be a full blown LP. Decision on that, title(s), track listing(s), etc., COMING SOON!
  2. We've been networking with a bunch of label and management execs. We're lookin for just the right deal to help with booking, promotion, and distribution.
  3. We've been booking some stuff on our own. Announcements coming SOON!
  4. Writing / Creating. There is a ton of new material being toyed with. Different sounds, directions, and vibes. Although it may be will definitely be TangenT.
So stay tuned and get ready to ROCK! 
See y'all soon,
~Skillet / DTodd / Jay Gee



We just got home from a whirlwind week! Fresh off of 2 KICK ASS shows with Gemini Syndrome and SPONGE at The Whisky. WE LIVE FOR THIS S**T! Thanks to all of you who made it out. We made a lot of new friends hanging with y'all. Stay tuned for more to come!


It appears that we have found our guy! Ray Ketchum will be behind the kit for TangenT. This dude has many years of crushing drums under his belt and is fitting into the mix well. Come get your ears blasted at his 1st show on Feb 11th in Fresno, CA.
Details HERE


Well this winter has taken a toll on us!  Our drummer decided to leave the band, but we PUSH FORWARD. We have been holding auditions and have a few prospects.



Sorry it's been a minute since we've updated here.
We had an AWESOME show last night in Fresno!
Our new friends in The OddEven & FLAW were on fire.
Next up.....we lay it down with ADEMA on Nov 6.
We'll have tix SOON! Pre-order available 10/6/21. PM or email for details!


Bittersweet day at the TangenT compound. Our drummer Shawn 'SVDub' Van Wyhe is moving across the country! As sad as we are to see him go, we are happy for this next chapter for him! 
So as they say....since that door has closed, a new one is open for another drummer. Find us on our socials or email to talk about an audition.  Email:


Although we are dealing with the pandemic, it doesn't mean that everything comes to a complete halt.
Skillet has recently been added to the Artist Roster for Ghost Fire USA.
When asked about the addition Skillet said, "I'm honored to be a part of the family. I'm looking forward to adding more of their products to the rig!"


With all of the craziness of our ever changing world, we decided to put a rush on making a video for our song, Wrong Aim. It was written back in late 1996 about some sad realities. WIth the COVID pandemic, race issues, and the continued wars of the world, the message of this tune is still very relevant! Give it a watch, and subscribe to our channel, as we will be releasing more contect very soon!
Much Peace & Love to all!
Just a little note from TangenT:
We are all sheltering in place and individually working on things from home. Cabin fever has hit and driving us all a little crazy being away from people! We can't wait to get back together to let the creative juices make a cocktail for all to enjoy.
We hope you are all staying out of harms way and enjoying your families! 
We can't wait to get back to spreading the sonic love with you all!
~Skillet / J6S / DTodd~ 

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